Our California Chips are available in several unique flavors with more on the way.
For now try these…

Honey Barbecue
That smokey sweet flavor will make you ask, “Am I eating bbq ribs or potato chips?” And best of all no bib required!

Creamy Chipolte
OK these are hot. No I mean they are really hot. No seriously these are really hot. But the creamy sour cream we mix in will be it all better. But if they are a little too painful you can run around in the sprinklers then come back for more. Man that’s hot but oh so good. Try a bag with a nice cold sandwich and you are set.

Sea Salted
No words to describe. Just a pure potato classic. To quote our founder, "French Fries, we don't need no stinking French Fries!" and he's right. Why would you want a soggy french fry when you can have a nice crisp potato chip?

Now these are some seriously amazing potato chips! A mixture of several of our most popular flavors all together. It's quickly become a cult classic. Once you have them you will be hooked.

Check out how we make them...Our Manufacturing Process

…seriously dude those Creamy Chipolte are hot!


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